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All of my short stories categorized for easy access. I hope you find something you enjoy.

Comedy writer seeking friends

I’d do it again

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I make fun of my friends, but I change their names. Tim becomes Jim. Jim becomes Kim. Kim becomes Tim. Sometimes this makes my jokes even more awkward.

A couple I know owns a parrot. I made some parrot jokes. Now their parrot doesn’t talk to me. Neither do they.

It’s so much more

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“I’m going rowing,” I announce.

“Enjoy the rowboat,” my wife says without looking up from her Kindle.

“It’s not a rowboat,” I say, trying not to sound pouty.

She carefully places her Kindle aside and looks me in the eye. “It has oars, right? You paddle around in it. You…

Dystopian Humor

My elevator pitch

Illustration by Author

The Lemming Games pits several random and ridiculously attractive strangers in a fight to the death in a series of fun and exciting games. The phenomenal success of The Hunger Games and Squid Game proves this recipe for success. …


Part Deux

All Cartoons by Author

New math or old math, we’ve all had to deal with story problems.


That’s about to change

All Cartoons by the author

If one parrot cartoon wasn’t enough, I have another. A couple of my friends have a parrot. After this next parrot cartoon, they stopped talking to me too.

Biting Humor

Wet fur, drool, and blood. So much blood.

Photo by Author’s Wife


After our local water park closes for the season, they set aside one day for dogs. They charge $10 per pooch, and the money goes to charities. It’s a fun outing for us and our dogs.


We bought tickets for the first of three sessions. Owners and their dogs lined…

Balls ain’t funny

And all sports that use them

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I hate the feel of balls in my hands. They’re too perfect and symmetrical. Life isn’t perfect and symmetrical. It’s like balls are mocking us. Balls suck.

I hate all sports that are played with balls.

The sports that have “ball” in their names are the absolute worst. …

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I’ve never been a big fan of museums. At least the trips got us out of school for the day. However, going to a museum on the weekend seemed like a waste of a free day. My grandfather was insistent, and it seemed like my mother wanted some time alone…

Unfit Humor

Your time’s up

Image by author

A friend of mine showed up at the bar one day wearing a fitness watch. He showed me a few things it could do. I’d been meaning to get into shape. After thinking about it for years, I decided now was the time to get fit. …

Rick Post

Contributor to the Summit Daily newspaper, Slackjaw, The Haven, The Junction, MuddyUm, and ILLUMINATION.

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